HUGIN 6000, purchase of six from Kongsberg

SeaTrepid Mohican ROV Launch at platform off vessel

Corporate Overview

DUNS: 780620774/NAICS: 541990, 541712/CAGE: 55S04/

PSC:AD25, AP53, AP55, AZ15, AZ16, J019, J020, J047, R415, T099, U008, U009


SeaTrepid is a woman-owned small business enterprise specializing in applied unmanned systems solutions for our customers worldwide supporting multiple industries both inland and offshore. Our land and marine robots are capable of accomplishing tasks in hazardous environments and bringing successful results to our customers.

SeaTrepid employs seasoned robotics professionals for offering robotics services in “dull, dirty and dangerous” environments.  Most equipment is company-owned and operated providing full turnkey solutions to our clients’ needs.  With corporate offices located in the heart of the US Gulf Coast in Southeastern Louisiana (immediately adjacent to both over-road and sea port transportation hubs) SeaTrepid is strategically-placed for rapid reaction on land or sea.

SeaTrepid is under master service agreements with the major offshore exploration production companies.  Our company features a strong safety culture along with a proven health, safety and environmental program regularly audited by our clientele.

SeaTrepid was organized to provide consulting services to the United States Coast Guard’s marine safety and security teams then rapidly grew into a robotics solutions provider featuring Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and undersea vehicle (ROV and AUV) solutions with both tele-operated as well as logic-driven robotics.

Comanche ROV in Underwater Test Pool at SeaTrepid Facility


  • Offshore structure inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle services
  • Offshore Construction, Services and Support
  • Archeological Assessments
  • Pipeline route and depth of burial measurement assessments
  • Inline inspections of non piggable with use of our pipe-crawling UGVs
  • R&D solutions for the Multi-AUV program
  • Equipment rentals
  • In-water simulated intervention testing
  • Training services for ROV, AUV and UGV technicians
  • Customized solutions for customer-specified tasks

Intellectual Property

  • Patent (pending) on Multi-AUV Program
  • Rope and Riser Crawling Vehicle (Patton Issued)
  • Curved Conductor Modification Robot (CCMR)

Developmental Track Record

  • Authored ROV insert to the DHS Port and Harbor Security Manual (2005)
  • Developed rope and riser crawling robot for large oil & gas producer (2010)
  • Developed drill support techniques for offshore Arctic operations (2010)
  • Developed cylindrical CNC milling machine for modifying large steel pipe in deep water (2012)
  • Authored industry-standard text for ROV technology currently in its 2nd edition (2013)
  • Developed efficient reverse cable lay technique for decommissioning seabed power cable (2013)
  • Developed revolutionary multi-AUV program gearing subsea mapping results by a limitless factor (2017)