Autonomous Vehicles

AUV’s act as a delivery system allowing for multiple subsea operations to take place depending on data collection requirements. Data is sent through the water column acoustically to the USV during missions using the acoustic positioning (USBL) HiPAP 502. The USV transmits data and communicates back to the HSV using the Kongsberg Marine Broadband Radio (MBR). This provides real time monitoring of data while surveying to prevent holidays and/or monitor with still images. Communication back down to the AUV can also take place for minor mission plan changes such as direction and location.

AUV Sensors:

  • Side Scan Sonar (EdgeTech 2205 with frequency 75/230/410 kHz)
  • Multi Beam Echosounder (Kongsberg Maritime EM 2040)
  • Sub-Bottom Profiler (EdgeTech 2-16 kHz)
  • Camera (CathX Ocean Still Color)
  • Conductivity/Temperature/Depth (SAIV)
  • Self-Compensating Magnetometer (Ocean Floor Geophysics SCM)