Sonar – Imagenex


Due to the small size and capabilities inherent to the system, the 881a is one of the primary sonars used aboard the SeaTrepid SeaRover ROV. Whether mounted to the ROV or tripod mounted, the 881 has assists in nearly all aspects of our operations.


The 852a is utilized on our Outland 1000 ROV to assist with navigation, diver support, inspection, and search & recovery. It is typically mounted in combination with an 852 echo sounder (shown here) to provide even more versatility to the Outland 1000 ROV.


The 831a is the primary sonar of choice during Pipeline Inspections.


The “Delta T” is a 3000m multibeam profiling sonar used in to provide our clients precise measurements while mounted to the ROV for pipeline and umbilical profiling.