Outland 1000 ROV

SeaTrepid owns and operates one of the largest fleets of Outland 1000 ROV systems in the United States. This system has been the “bread and butter” of SeaTrepid since our inception.

Due to our intimate knowledge with this small observation class system we expertise to push it beyond the publicly accepted limits of an observational class ROV system. Custom engineering is accomplished for special scopes and applications, our team have engineered solutions for facets of observational subsea challenges.

The SeaTrepid Outland 1000 observation Class ROV offers a truly versatile, professional ROV system suitable for offshore use. Its small size provides a stable platform in spaces that are inaccessible by other larger ROV systems. This access helps ensure the security of assets by providing reliable video and sensor packages. With an enhanced propulsion system, it will continue working in currents that often stop other ROV small observation class systems.

The thrust to weight ratio of this system allows our operators to perform tasks that amaze our clients. We have used this 35lb ROV to push 60-ton sheers, guide P&A tools into subsea well heads, position diamond wire saws into their cut location, double wrap and half hitch a 15’ nylon strap, observe dive operations, perform tank, dam, and well inspection, and even untie a bow land knot in a rope, and many other unorthodox tasks.

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