Mohican ROV

The SeaTrepid Mohican Mid Class ROV offers a truly versatile, professional ROV system suitable for offshore use. Its size provides a stable platform for high quality video and sonar surveys, and its enhanced propulsion system allows it to continue working in high current conditions.

The SeaTrepid Mohican ROV systems are optimized for the harshest working environments. The 6 brush-less DC thrusters provide a bollard pull of 220 lbf, and the 3000 V power system allows for the use of a smaller diameter tether, minimizing drag. The A frame Launch and Recovery System comes with integral HPU and over 6,000 feet of main lift umbilical.

This ROV can accommodate a range of state of the art sensors; High Definition camera system (with overlay and mpeg4 recording), FMD (flooded member detection), cable and pipe trackers, bathymetric systems and multibeam sonars. It can also install a 3000psi High Pressure Water Jet system, or a 6 station general function valve pack and HPU, enabling the use of a range of manipulators and hydraulic tooling.