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SeaTrepid International, LLC

SeaTrepid Facility Aerial View
SeaTrepid International, LLC is an innovator in gas and oil exploration, supporting a variety of customers in a wide array of services. Our focus as an organization is in the persistent development of effective equipment and techniques for the lowering of risks to personnel, accomplishing tasks in hazardous environments and bringing results to our customers through “A Higher Standard of Excellence”. SeaTrepid has three companies providing services specific to the customer needs; Sub sea, Terrestrial,and Aerial. Leveraging our versatile staff our team is dedicated to providing, developing, and innovating solutions to the commercial, governmental and scientific communities. 

SeaTrepid International has developed a strong reputation built upon a proven track record of success with our extensive customer base, providing better services at a more economical standard in comparison to our competitors. Our field service technicians are dedicated professionals committed to providing superior service and results. A comprehensive safety and training program insures that our experts working on your job site are fully prepared to deliver a safe and effective service that meets with your complete satisfaction.