The ROV Manual

Many underwater operations that were once carried out by diver can now be carried out by more efficiently and with less risk with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). This is the first ROV ‘how-to’ manual for those involved with smaller observation class ROVs used for surveying, inspection, observation, and research purposes. This comprehensive guide provides complete training and knowledge on ROV operations for engineers, technicians or underwater recreational enthusiasts, whether working inland or offshore. This is the first book to focus on Observational-Class ROV underwater deployment and usage in real conditions for industrial, commercial, scientific, and recreational tasks.

Gain results quickly and efficiently with this complete user guide to ROV operations with basic information on the usage of underwater robotics and navigation equipment. Complete with self-learning questions and answers, it is ideal for anyone involved with ROVs whether in business or leisure underwater activities. By Robert Christ and Robert L. Wernli Sr.