Press Releases

Six AUVs Dive Simultaneously at 5,000+ Meter Depths

Posted October 26, 2017

A fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) recently launched during a survey mission in the North Atlantic have completed the deepest known commercial dive performed by multiple AUVs simultaneously. Read More


Unmanned Surface Vehicles Sea Trials

Posted July 19, 2017

O-Infinity has received the first six of their unmanned surface vehicles, SEAWORKER. The link to the video below shows the sea trials for SEAWORKER being conducted. The crew that will operate and maintain the USV’s will be supplied by SeaTrepid.


SeaTrepid Participates in Robotics Camp

SeaTrepid Awards ASV & Denith with build of 6 USVs and 2 USV LARS

SeaTrepid Orders Six Kongsberg AUV Systems

Congressman Steve Scalise visits SeaTrepid

SeaTrepid Acquires Two 3000m Comanche ROV Systems