VideoRay ROV

Videoray ROV

The SeaTrepid VideoRay PRO 3 GTO is an observation class ROV system capable of obtaining information when size really does matter. This system can fly through flooded pipelines, portholes, doorways, or other openings of 12 inches and greater to gather information quickly and efficiently.

Utilizing the VideoRay PRO 3 GTO, SeaTrepid personnel have utilized the VideoRay system within shipwrecks, sunken airplanes, municipal water tanks, within pipelines, inside ballast tanks, tension leg platforms, bridge inspections and vessel hull inspections.

This VideoRay system is transported within two pelican cases – combined weight of 135 lbs (61 kgs) that can be transported by hand to the job site by the technicians. Designed for rapid callout deployment, this system can easily be lifted by car, truck, boat, plane, or helicopter to the job site – rapid and reliable service within a small package.