Press Releases

Unmanned Surface Vehicles Sea Trials

Posted July 19, 2017

O-Infinity has received the first six of their unmanned surface vehicles, SEAWORKER. The link to the video below shows the sea trials for SEAWORKER being conducted. The crew that will operate and maintain the USV’s will be supplied by SeaTrepid.

SeaTrepid Participates in Robotics Camp

Posted June 21, 2017

SeaTrepid’s CEO, Bob Christ, gave a talk to the St. Paul’s School ( Robotics Camp on June 14th in Covington, Louisiana.  The annual event brings kids in to get hands-on experience with applied robotics towards a school curriculum focused on STEM.  The kids were completely engaged with their hands-on demonstration using real industrial robotics and a successful experience was gained from simple concepts of robot kinematics on to deeper discussions of artificial intelligence.

Bob Christ commented, “Those kids were really smart!  It is such fun when young, verdant and curious minds engage like this.  Creativity and drive are definitely alive and well here in Southern Louisiana.”

SeaTrepid supports local schools from the area in order to foster interest in our chosen field of robotics.  We actively support the MATE program ( as well as actively support local teams in their competition within that program.


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