AUV – USV Operator

Job Title
SDA AUV – USV Operator

The SeaTrepid Deep Sea (SDA) AUV – USV Operator are key front line personnel responsible for the technical advancement of SeaTrepid. This position is responsible for hands on understanding of the day to day operations, care & maintenance of all project assets (AUV’s, USV’s, and LARS) as well as initial development of personnel training, and equipment maintenance. Along with the pre-mission / operational / post mission readiness check procedures. The success of this integration of this new application of existing technology, and fleet acceptance of new processes is an overwhelming task. This is a unique opportunity for self-starting, highly motivated, equipment/system operators able to work in a close tight knit team of professionals, following a strong leader. Each member of the team must bring with them a diverse back ground in many relevant technical fields. The ability to rapidly process differential diagnosis of possible root causes of problems while offshore, and affording timely repairs will be a key component which success will be measured from. Experience working R & D within the offshore industry while having a strong foundation on personnel & equipment safety is imperative.

This start-up position is full time, requires; Completion of all fabrication vendor training. Attendance / participation in Initial Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of various assets, Participation in the initial mobilization, and successful Sea Acceptance Testing (SAT) to include successful completion of SDA “full” contractual obligation for the development & proof testing of the entire AUV/USV suite. Upon full commissioning of the project the primary work location for this position will be offshore. Occasional onshore work (training, qualifying, inspecting, etc.) maybe required on an as needed basis, Offshore rotations are intended to be 28 – 30 days on with 28 – 30 days off.

Fleet Training
As new systems and components are added to SeaTrepid’s fleet, a continued need for training on specific job assets is required. Items such as training manuals and documentation need to be created, and maintained for in house (STI) use. Additionally, participation in hands-on & Computer Based Training (CBT’s) will be required for all offshore personnel on a routine basis. AUV – USV Operator’s should strive to become a technical authority on all SDA assets providing trouble shooting assistance to additional SDA offshore staff as required. Additional responsibilities should include capturing fault reports and failure/solution tracking.

Organizational Chart
The SDA AUV – USV Operator will report directly to their assigned SeaTrepid Deepsea AUV Supervisor on shift.


  • Minimum one year AUV experience in applicable field is preferred
  • References required upon application submission